Saturday, October 27, 2012

Day for the doggy

The harsh winds haven't eased up any. My fence started to come down and I had to fix it as best as I could. With it being so windy out I couldn't ride the bike today. So it became a day for my dog.

I took her to the vet to get her rabies vaccine so I can renew her license. In the past she would puke in every car ride I'd take her. Today was much better. She didn't throw up at all. After the vet she got a real treat, I took her to the local dog park. I think she enjoyed it. It was her first time to the park or any park as a matter of fact. If you sit back and just watch the dogs inter act it really is an experience. First you enter a small holding area where you unleash your dog. After your dog is off leash you can open the gate to the play area. Immediately after the dog enters the arena (that's what it reminded me of, or a prison rec area) the other dogs quickly run over to begin the greeting process. Once the dogs have all extended courtesies they go back to running and playing. My dog Darla was quite shy, slowly entering their games as if to make sure she was welcome to play along. Eventually, she was playing along full swing. Everything was going along smoothly then a bigger, rougher looking dog was brought in. Right away you could sense his attitude. As the dogs went over to greet him, he lifted his leg and well, made his statement, grunted and continued walking in. The other dogs pretty much left him alone and went back to playing, but carefully watched his every move until he left. As the people started gathering their dogs and leaving the dogs left behind would walk with them to the gate as if to say goodbye then go back to playing. Funny, here I was always worried about how my dog would act at a dog park not knowing how she'd get along or inter act. She did fine. In fact it left me wondering why can't people act that way. Show up, make friends with perfect strangers, have a good time, and just be accepting of one another.

Friday, October 26, 2012


The Santa Ana winds have officially arrived. Luckily I was able to get a ride in yesterday morning just as the wind was starting up.
Let me tell you it's tough riding in the wind. It seriously slows you down and at times feels like you're gonna blow over. Yesterday's winds were only between 10 and 20mph. As of today we are getting gusts up to 60mph. Hopefully they die down soon.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Just another post

The time has come for the seasons to change here in the Inland Empire of Socal. The temps are finally coming down, but the winds are kicking up. One thing I can't stand is the Santa Ana winds! I've decided that I'm not gonna let the winds keep me indoors. Wish me luck. The winds will get up to 45 mph plus around here.
Today's ride was pretty nice. I was able to get out between rain showers. The winds were just starting up so they weren't too bad. I was able to get in 16.72 miles in 1h 6m and 31sec according to my endomondo app.
You know, I try to be as courteous of bike rider as I possibly can. When I come to a red light I try to position myself so I'm not blocking those drivers who are trying to make right turns. Well today I had to drop the A-Hole bomb on somebody. I was on a street which had some type of barrier along the right side of the road and very small lanes. There were a few cars behind me wanting to turn right so rather than hold them up I positioned myself to the left of the lane. A white car with a beady eyed driver pulled up behind me after everyone else turned right. He had his blinker on also so I paid him no attention thinking he too would turn right. Well the light finally turned green and I began to pedal and assume my rightful biking space to the right of the lane when this Jerk of a Driver to put it nicely gunned his engine going straight (remember the idiot had his right turn blinker on) barely shaving the hairs on my leg as he cut me off pulling his car to the left. The only loud word the would come out of my mouth was the A-Hole bomb. So I shake it off and keep pedaling as I watch my new friend drive down the road at a speed much higher than the posted 30mph sign and just shake my head in disapproval. Other than that, today's ride was a good ride.

I wonder if riding in the wind will make me that much better when spring comes?

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Today I crushed it or did it crush me. I really wanted to go to Ciclavia in Los Angeles, but poor planning on my part cause me to miss out. I actually didn't realize that it was today and I never looked up how to use the train to get there. Gas is hovering around $5 a gallon so I wasn't going to use 30 gallons to get there and back.

So I decided to have my own biking day. I accomplished all my errands with out using my car. I am proud of myself. I've put in more miles in the past, but this was different. All together I put in just under 25 miles. I went to the barbershop and then to the mall and back home. Unfortunately, the ride home was at an incline and against the breeze. Now I'm burnt out for the day. It was awesome though. Riding in traffic, getting things done, and enjoying every minute of it. Till next time, ride safe.
Oh speaking of safe... I got my new Road ID bracelet. I do feel a little better having it on knowing that if something happens my family may be notified. Anyway, take care.

Saturday, September 29, 2012


Governor Brown vetoed the 3 foot passing bill again. SB 1464 which may have made it just a little safer for us while out riding bicycles vetoed for the second time. He did however pass an authorization this week for Driver-less cars!! Go figure.